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Purchase Order

With AccountMate's Purchase Order module, you have better control over a full  range of purchasing activities. You can record vendor lead times and plan  purchases based on lead time, safety stock, reorder point and reorder quantity  information. Select the option to automatically accrue liability on purchases at  the time goods are received and reverse the accrual when you post the liability in the  Accounts Payable module. You can accrue liability for received goods either by  the item's received quantity or by each PO's received amount. You can also  accrue and allocate landed cost for purchased items. For each purchasing  decision, you have an abundance of information about each inventory item at your  fingertips, enabling you to select the right item, every time. You get to define  which items are for resale and which items are solely for in-house use. And when  your Purchase Order system is integrated with AccountMate's Accounts Payable  module, you can require that accounts payable invoices be supported by purchase  orders before they can be recorded in the system.


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