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ERP Solutions

Man drawing ERP chartBusiness Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software - Accounting, inventory, front office, CRM customer relationship managment, manufacturing, distribution, warehouse, EDI electronic data interchange, MRP manufacturing requirements planning, payroll and HR human resources, supply chain management, project management, B2B business to business websites, B2C business to consumer websites, custom programming, Android and iPhone apps, and more.

What makes Commerce Technologies unique is that we listen first and foremost.  We deal in software to accomplish your goals, never to sell product for sales sake.  If a piece of software does not accomplish your goals, it is a cost; if it takes your company to a new level, it is an investment.  ERP software is every bit as much production machinery as any on your shop floor.  ERP is the engine that puts the organization into your organization.  Gone are the days of secretarial pools and rooms full of clerks and file cabinets.  Today enterprises are propelled by data that comes from every side - from customers and vendors and sales reps and web services - and that is generated in the process of doing business.

Do you ever wish that you could open up the top and look inside, to really know what your data can tell you and what it means?  ERP unlocks the value that you have hidden away, inaccessible in your servers.  ERP connects your managers to your sales reps to your office staff to your marketing arm to your customers to your vendors... and, in so doing, the value of your data rises exponentially with each new connection.

At Commerce Technology, we are business people, first.  Our top management are all veteran business people with over 25 years of experience, each.  We used computers to build businesses when the majority of businesses still ran on paper.  Computerization is not an end, in our book.  Computerization is a means, and it only has value if it has a positive ROI.  We work with you to find the biggest bang for your buck, and we are there with you every step of the way through implementation and into production.

At Commerce Technology, great business initiatives start when we sit down to listen to you.  No one knows your business or your industry like you do.  Call us today, so that we can listen to you.

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