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Business Intelligence

Business IntelligenceAccountMate's Business Intelligence module is a powerful query, analysis and reporting tool that enables you to analyze ALL your business data from any angle you wish, including non-AccountMate application data. Benefits include faster reporting cycles, higher quality information, sophisticated data analysis capabilities, information on customer buying or paying behavior and improved executive productivity. Data can be presented through reports, charts, graphs and dashboards.

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Consolidated Ledger

Consolidated LedgerAccountMate's Consolidated Ledger module provides the ability to quickly combine several companies' account balances and budget information into a single unified ledger to present consolidated financial statements and other reports. It also supports consolidation for companies with different reporting currencies, making it ideal for multi-national organizations with foreign operations. Creating a consolidated ledger is done easily by merely indicating which company is the parent will generate consolidated reports and which companies are the subsidiaries. Each subsidiary company's General Ledger accounts and fiscal periods are mapped to those of its parent so that financial data can be seamlessly transferred.

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Custom Field Manager

AccountMate's Custom Field Manager module is an engine that allows the addition of any number of data fields according to your company's specific requirements. These custom fields can be character, date, integer, logical or numeric in nature. Character type custom fields can be assigned a default value and have a lookup that can be used to facilitate data searches. The ability to add custom fields to both standard AccountMate records and non-AccountMate tables makes it possible to add new fields your company needs without purchasing a source code license.

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Customer Inventory Manager

With AccountMate's Customer Inventory Manager module you can integrate your  business more closely with your customer's business, resulting in higher levels  of customer satisfaction. Many customers will only use their own inventory part  numbers, descriptions and units-of-measurement when placing orders and when  receiving and being billed for products and services. With AccountMate's  Customer Inventory Manager module, you can easily cross-reference item numbers, descriptions and units-of-measurement with those of your customers. It also allows you to set customer contract prices. This module integrates seamlessly with AccountMate's Accounts Receivable, Sales Order and Inventory Control Modules.

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Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

AccountMate's Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) module manages and reports on  every recorded interaction with a prospect, client, supplier, contact or branch  office. It can schedule the next appropriate interaction, enabling exceptional  account management and customer service. At a glance, you can view all past  interactions with each contact providing the ability to track activities, issues  and interactions with all your clients. It can even manage your meetings, phone  calls and emails. Contact information is easily searchable and manageable so you  can access required records quickly in order to generate reports and perform  mail merges. It works with programs like Microsoft Office so data can be merged  and utilized in other programs to create custom mailings, mass e-mails, reports  and other business documents. It can also be used for sales force and business  process automation.  

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General Ledger

AccountMate's General Ledger module gives you maximum control over the  management of all your accounting transactions. Whether setting up and  maintaining a chart of accounts, generating financial statements and reports, or  creating journal entries and budgets, AccountMate General Ledger keeps you in  control of your financial data.  General Ledger also comes standard with fund  accounting capabilities. Enabling General Ledger's fund accounting features  addresses not only the specific reporting needs of the not-for-profit  organization, but also provides the tools necessary to provide a detailed  accounting of funds.  

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Inventory Control

With AccountMate's Inventory Control module you have the power of a complete  inventory management system.  This module provides the ability to define each  inventory item's cost method, units-of-measure, warehouse and bin locations. You  can enter safety stock, lead time, reorder level and reorder quantity  information. Inventory counts can be performed at any time and as often as  needed without interrupting shipping and receiving processes.  You can assign serial numbers to each unit of an inventory item. You can define multiple  substitutes for an item and record transfers of units from one warehouse to another. Stock items can be issued  specifically for internal use. You can also view a list of vendors that supply a  particular item or a list of all items sourced from a particular vendor.

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Inventory Specification

If you need easy, quick and accurate management of complex inventory that  requires tracking of attributes, AccountMate's Inventory Specification module is  an excellent solution. This module allows you to create categories for inventory  items, such as size, color, weight and texture. You can then track the items'  quantities, costs and prices by the assigned categories. This provides you with  the ability to quickly suggest a similar item when the desired specification is  not available, thereby keeping sales strong. The Inventory Specification module  integrates with the Inventory Control, Sales Order, Accounts Receivable,  Purchase Order and Upsell Management modules.

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With AccountMate's Kitting module, you can add kitting capability to your Inventory Control module. It allows for creating and managing inventory items packaged and sold together as a single unit.

The Kitting module is designed for use by manufacturers and distributors whose goods are often resold in many different configurations. Users can define whether assembled units of a kit item must be kept in stock or whether they can be packaged on the fly as orders are received. Kit items may be sold using a predefined formula or they may be customized per order. This module enables you to track items as they are sold either individually or as components of a kit, allowing you to make sound and up-to the minute inventory management decisions.

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Lot Control

With AccountMate's Lot Control module you can add the power of a complete lot  control system to your Inventory Control. You have the ability to track units of  lot-controlled items from purchase or production through inventory and sale, as  well as record each lot-controlled unit's expiration date. The Lot Control  module integrates with AccountMate's Accounts Receivable, Sales Order, Purchase  Order and Inventory Control Modules.

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