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With AccountMate's Manufacturing module, you can easily and efficiently create  work orders and explode jobs into virtually unlimited levels of raw material,  labor, machine and subassembly components. With the Manufacturing module, you  can record production lead time and monitor the inventory levels of the goods  that you manufacture, break down large jobs into multiple starting dates and  steps, post work-in-process automatically or manually, as well as print work  orders, routing slips, production slips and a wide variety of reports. You can  track jobs, resource usage and backorders from work order creation through the  posting of finished jobs and the cancellation of any unused allocated resources.

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With AccountMate's Payroll module, you can set up records for salaried, hourly  and time card/piece work employees, as well as for independent contractors. Pay  them over a variety of pay periods according to their pay or employment status.  Within this flexible system, deductions can be withheld and/or matched by  employers. Additional payments, such as bonuses and fringe benefits, can be  recorded for any employee. The system accrues paid leave hours, calculates  worker's compensation liability, allows users to print on blank check stock and  supports the assignment of multiple state and local tax codes to each employee.  It also automatically calculates payroll taxes and prints payroll tax returns,  W-2 and 1099 forms. Using the Payroll module, employee and federal tax deposit  payments can be made electronically.

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Pricing Control

If you need the ability to set up a complex pricing structure easily and  quickly, AccountMate's Pricing Control module provides this capability. This  module's features include price maintenance, unlimited simultaneous pricing  defined by order quantity and price code for each item specification and  unit-of-measurement, the ability to set up minimum prices, multi-currency  pricing, and pricing based on the last sales order or invoice price for a  defined period. This module is also ideal for making quick and easy changes to  inventory prices minimizing time spent on data entry. The Pricing Control module  integrates with AccountMate's Sales Order, Accounts Receivable and Inventory Control modules

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Purchase Order

With AccountMate's Purchase Order module, you have better control over a full  range of purchasing activities. You can record vendor lead times and plan  purchases based on lead time, safety stock, reorder point and reorder quantity  information. Select the option to automatically accrue liability on purchases at  the time goods are received and reverse the accrual when you post the liability in the  Accounts Payable module. You can accrue liability for received goods either by  the item's received quantity or by each PO's received amount. You can also  accrue and allocate landed cost for purchased items. For each purchasing  decision, you have an abundance of information about each inventory item at your  fingertips, enabling you to select the right item, every time. You get to define  which items are for resale and which items are solely for in-house use. And when  your Purchase Order system is integrated with AccountMate's Accounts Payable  module, you can require that accounts payable invoices be supported by purchase  orders before they can be recorded in the system.

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Return Merchandise Authorization

AccountMate's Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) module tracks the transactions related to the processing of customer returns. With the RMA module, you can create RMA Orders, as well as record important transactions such as receiving the returned items and shipping the repaired, replacement or substitute items. Depending on the nature of the transaction, AccountMate automatically updates the inventory on-hand, booked or defective quantity, and customer balances. Likewise, it automatically calculates the resulting gain or loss from inventory replacements or substitution. It can also generate Sales Return Invoices. With unlimited Return Codes, you have the flexibility to define all the return processes your organization allows.

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Return to Vendor

AccountMate's Return To Vendor Authorization (RTV) module offers you a comprehensive system with which to manage vendor returns. With this system, you can create RTV Orders, as well as record important tasks such as return shipments of purchased items and the receipt of substitute or replacement items. While performing these functions, the accrued liability for received goods is updated; the on-hand inventory quantity is automatically updated and a Serial number or Lot number may be assigned to the items received as substitute or replacement items. AccountMate also computes the gain or loss resulting from replacements or substitute items. And you are provided with multiple Return Actions from which you can create unlimited Return Codes to cover all possible vendor return scenarios.

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Sales Order

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, customers demand rapid response when placing orders. Your ability to process these requests in a timely and effective manner is essential to earning and keeping your customers' business. With AccountMate's Sales Order module, you have access to a complete order entry, customer and inventory management system so that you can always provide your customers with prompt service. And when integrated with AccountMate's Accounts Receivable module, you receive a complete billing-and-receivable system that will further enhance your ability to manage your inventory and your collections.

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System Manager

AccountMate's System Manager module is the control center for the entire AccountMate system. It controls the system environment and setup, desktop shortcuts to AccountMate functions and external applications, on-line help, multi-level password security, audit trail, printer and report setup, module and company selection and system date. It also initializes the system, provides easy access to Microsoft Office tools and has multi-lingual capability.

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Upsell Management

AccountMate's Upsell Management module brings greater flexibility to customer order processing. You can maintain a list of accessory or upsell items that are available for sale with other inventory items, view and select these upsell items when processing customer orders and separately track upsell item sales for commission purposes. You can even create a script or provide special instructions that your sales team can use as a guide when selling the upsell items. The Upsell Management module integrates with AccountMate's Sales Order, Accounts Receivable, Inventory Control and Inventory Specification modules.

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